"Love Is an Art"

by Kathy Strobos

A fish-out-of-water romantic comedy
He hates lawyers. So I'm a lawyer pretending to be an artist. Forgetting one tiny detail: I can't paint
# Chick Lit
# Humorous
# Romance
# Women's Fiction
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He hates lawyers. So I’m a lawyer pretending to be an artist. Forgetting one tiny detail: I can’t paint. Tessa: There’s something about the way the blond guy laughs and leans in to listen. My gaze keeps returning to him. The only problem is, we’re at an art gallery after work, and I’ve swapped my lawyer suit for a paint-splattered shirt. I’m pretending to be a struggling artist, acting as bait to entice a scammer who conned my friend out of thousands of dollars. I look pathetic. But still, I approach Hot Guy. Our glances meet, and an awareness shimmers across. He offers to buy me a drink--we’re definitely flirting--and then he asks me what I do. Just when Scammer Guy is in earshot. I have no choice but to say I’m an artist. I can tell Hot Guy later that I’m not. But then he says he hates lawyers. Now what? Zeke: She’s the worst artist I’ve ever seen. And I hate that that makes me suspect that she’s lying to me. After my ex-girlfriend cheated on me, trust is in short supply. She makes me laugh, and it’s one adventure after another with her. Definitely different from my workaholic lawyer ex. Maybe it’s time to give love a second chance. All is fair in love and litigation, but when truth and deception clash, can you trust your heart? *The romcom books in this series are interconnected standalones set in the same world. Each can be read as a pure standalone with a guaranteed happily ever after.

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Title: "New York Spark Starter Set"

My Book Boyfriend and Love Is an Art

Join Lily and Tessa as they navigate love and career in New York City, while also trying to do good :)

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